The login command is the primary command to store a user token from an Identity Provider (e.g. GitHub)

If no arguments are provided, it will assume a login is requested for GitHub.


  • saml-to login

    • Functionally equivalent to saml-to login github

  • saml-to login github

    • Begins the process for a GitHub User Token and requests a user:email scope


saml-to login [provider]

Login to a provider

  --help       Show help  [boolean]
  --version    Show version number  [boolean]
  --provider   The provider for which to login  [string]
  --org        Specify an organization  [string]
  --withToken  Skip Device Authentication and save the provided token to ~/.saml-to/  [string]

Example Output

Following these commands, a browser window would be opened to begin the SAML Authentication flow.

saml-to login github

To continue, we need you to log into GitHub, and we will need the `user:email` scope to access your GitHub Identity.

Please open the browser to https://github.com/login/device and enter the code:


Token cached in: ~/.saml-to/github-token.json
Saved GitHub credentials to ~/.saml-to/github-token.json

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